Welcome to the Easy Bluegrass Banjo Blog.  This is my Court Ordered Community Service.

Mission Statement

The purpose of this blog is to provide inexperienced banjo pickers with tablature of songs and other musical information, which is not typically found in most (tablature) books.  I sincerely hope this blog will make their journey easier.

All the tablature is intended to be relatively easy to play, yet have a clearly identifiable melody.

If the tablature resembles other tablature you have seen, it is purely a coincidence.  I created all of the tablature myself or in colusion with someone else and have permission to publish it.

Happy Pickin’

James A. Robinson III


I want to sincerely thank Chris Pinto for helping me set up this blog. Without Chris’ help, this never would have happened, for I am almost computer illiterate. Additionally, I consider Chris as a good friend, he has a great sense of humor, and our political thoughts are simpatico.


  1. Looks good George!
    That should be fun to develop over time. Is there a way to subscribe to the site so that when you add something i get a notice.


  2. Otto:
    Who is George?

    James A. Robinson III

  3. Hi James

    Followed link from the BHO

    What a great resource for beginners I hope you will continue to maintain it long after your Community Service expires.

    Wishing you well for the future


  4. Great tabs! How do I sign up so I can print the tabs – when I try to print, it says printing is locked and asks for a user id and password – but I can’t see anywhere to register or subscribe. Please help! Thanks!

  5. Ronnie:
    I’m not a computer person. To me it is like my car, I turn the key and start to drive—I know how to change a flat, change the oil, and add windshield washer fluid, that’s it.

    This is the first I have heard of not being able to print the tab. At someone else’s computer, I got to the tablatures and tried to print and had no problem. Likewise, I went to the library and was able to print the tabs there.

    You might use the print screen key and then take that image and print it.

    If you are still having trouble, send me an e-mail of the tablature you want and I’ll send it to you as an image.

    Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

    James A. Robinson III

  6. thanks james great web sitealot of good stuff here keep it up!!

  7. Have you ever put the song “The Sloop John B” in your Angies Banjo column? If so – which month and year. If you haven’t, I sure wish you would consider.

    Thanks for your site. It’s great!

  8. I am looking for old rugged cross which you have tabbed out but I would like to hear it played. Looking for something not to hard ( beginner) to play with 2 friends who play guitar and mandolin. Hope you can help, thanks Kenny

  9. John Coble:
    Try the May 2011 edition of Silver Strings


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